Golden collection

Perique, USA, Louisiana

Perique is a unique tobacco produced in very limited quantities from the US state of Louisiana. Tobacco leaf is fermented in its own juice in oak barrels under giant pressure for at least 18 months. The recipe for making Perique is rooted in the tradition of the Choctaw Indians, they are more than 200 years old. Only 7 tons of tobacco are produced annually for the whole world.

Fortress:  (high)

Tobacco from Cuba

Produced from legal Cuban cigars using our own unique technology. This blend consists of Ligero, Seco and Volado leaves gathered from Cuban black tobacco, ancestors of which were discovered a long time ago by Christopher Columbus himself! The taste is original and has that distinct flavor of Cuban cigars.

Fortress:  (above medium)

Caribbean Blend

An unsurpassed blend of tobacco leaves of various crops, 6, 8 and 12 years old. It has a rich flavor bouquet of tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru. the taste is rich, with delicate tones of cinnamon, honey and prunes. The Caribbean blend has its own line of flavors, as well as an original taste.

Fortress:  (mild)

Tobacco from Tanzania

Made from African dark fired Kentucky from Tanzania. This particular tobacco undergoes its fermentation in special smoke from mango timber. It takes around 30 days for it to be completed. Professionals call this type of tobacco -the “spice” has a distinct feel of vintage whiskey. The tobacco was gathered in 2012. Tanzania has its own line of flavors as well as its Original flavor.

Fortress:  (mild)

Tobacco from Nicaragua

Made from the most potent tobacco leaf – Ligero, gathered from the best plantations in Esteli valley in Nicaragua from top tobacco manufacturer Perdomo. It has a unique taste and strong temper. The tobacco leaves undergo through 2-3 fermentations. The final fermentation undergoes its time in oak barrels. The tobacco was gathered in 2008. Nicaragua has its own line of flavors as well as its Original flavor.

Fortress:  (high)

Mineiro, Brazil

It has a mild taste of spicy dried fruits, the brightness is felt immediately, the taste range is dominated by a hint of prunes, light tobacco bitterness becomes balanced, softer with a sharp and spicy shade. Tobacco is very multifaceted, it has sourness, sweetness, spice and woodiness, thanks to natural fermentation. original flavour

Arapiraca, Brazil

Rope tobacco production in Brazil has a large and surprisingly pre-industrial tobacco industry. This tobacco gets its name from the region where it comes from. Arapiraca is a city in the northeast of Brazil in the state of Alagoas. The city is nicknamed the “Brazilian Tobacco Capital”.

Holland hops

A cigar leaf with natural hop extract. Exciting, complex and uplifting flavor in a unique bouquet of freshness, soft sweetness and spicy bitterness. Medium strength on Caribbean blend and High strength on Nicaragua.

Black Coriander

A cigar leaf with natural coriander extract. Relaxing wood’n’spicy flavor with distant sweetish notes, with smooth finish of black ciabatta. Medium strength on Caribbean blend and High strength on Nicaragua.

Mountain thyme

A cigar leaf with natural thyme extract. Pleasant and tonic flavor with bright, refreshing, spicy notes. It can be compared with relaxing properties of thyme tea. Medium strength on Caribbean blend and high strength on Nicaragua.


Italy… Colosseum, ancient cities, ancient ruins, sculptures, museums, the best frescoes in the whole world. A great center of art and culture, aesthetics and beauty..

Here, under the rays of the warm sun of Italy in the mild climate of this country, under the craving for the beautiful, in a surprisingly cozy and passionate atmosphere of the country, Italian farmers maintain their private home plantations and have grown a crazy novelty for the WTO – the ITALY tobacco line.

The nature of tobacco depends on which plantation it is grown on: its location, soil condition, wind direction, air temperature and harvest time are important – all this matters. If you have heard about Italian wine before, then we will open Italian tobacco for you! it is amazing that here you can find only such home plantations where each leaf is harvested by hand. Farmers go out to collect tobacco with the first rays of the sun, tearing 2-4 leaves from the bottom of the tobacco plant to the top as they mature.

Our new line of ITALY, like a good wine, you need to savor, “taste” slowly, sigh by sigh, in order to feel the incomparable “bouquet” of this beautiful country…

Fermentation – 3 years

Fortress:  (above medium)