WTO Extracts

The idea of creating a new product WTO-X SAUCE EXTRACT made from cigar tobacco of all the original WTO lines was born a long time ago from different situations of consumption of hookah tobacco WTO.

Most fans and professionals of the hookah market are already used to adding WTO tobacco in small amounts as an additive to other tobacco.

WTO in mixes makes it possible to: enhance the organoleptic properties of the prepared mix due to the bright and stable aromatics, increase vaporization, shorten the start time, even out the acidity and bitterness of other tobacco, neutralize the chemical content, enhance the depth and volume of taste and aroma in the mixes.

Therefore, few people are familiar with the real, 100% tastes of WTO. You will be greatly and pleasantly surprised by the real original taste of WTO without adding it to the mixes.

And for lovers of delicious additives, and especially for your experiments with WTO additives, we have launched a series of convenient ADDITIVES in the form of SAUCES of EXTRACTS without the content of the tobacco leaf itself.

And of course, we start with a line of sauces

Nicaragua is the brightest region of the planet, according to the rich taste and rich aroma of the cigars produced here.

The main areas in Nicaragua for tobacco cultivation are the Esteli Valley, Condega, Xalapa. Here up to 80% of the territory is occupied for growing tobacco for cigars and more than 80 cigar factories.

Tobacco from these regions, due to different soils and differences in climatic heights, have from balanced light notes of champagne to bright, pronounced animal musky tones, sometimes bitter chocolate and overcooked coffee, black bread and stringy caramel.

The extract of the Nicaraguan Blend of Seco and Ligero from these regions is presented for the first time in the world for professionals and lovers of a natural product from WTOX.

With this product, it will be easy and simple for you to add additives to your old and new mixes.

And the WTO Tobacco itself, it is better to smoke not diluting them with additives, but 100% pure.
Feel their power!