Божественная комедия

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate…

The concept is based on the world-famous work of Dante Alighieri "The Divine comedy"

The classic of world literature, which turned 700 years old this year, and it is still relevant to read, and the context of this work is embodied in the paintings of world-famous artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Paul Gustave Doret, William Blake, Salvador Dali and many others. We were inspired by the legendary painting "Map of Hell" by Sandro Botticelli, 1491:

The new collection of the IX CIRCLES OF HELL is based on a cigar blend from farm plantations in the south and north of Italy, from Ligero and Seco leaves with fermentation from three years.

WTO EXTRACT in collaboration with Alkonost, selected 9 worthy flavors from 4500 samples. They are a Triple Triad. A symbol of non-destructible matter. The symbol of the nine Circles of Hell. For those who like playing with fire.

The fortress is above average.

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate..

"leave hope, everyone who enters here" - the final phrase of the text above the gates of hell in the Divine Comedy

l - Limb (Dutch rhubarb)

I am the first one created for those who have not found their vocation. Wanderers of streets, cities, planets - who did not understand the whole essence of existence. Your age is so meager, gray, not fleeting…
And after life, it won't get any easier for you.

▪ A place of endless sorrow and suffering for those who have not chosen their path.
▪ Fragrance: Dutch rhubarb

ll - Minos (Lime lilac)

Touching her trembling lips with hot lips,
Seduction with full speeches he answered her pleas... a mighty gaze looked into her eyes! And he burned her in the darkness of the night..

▪ A place of endless darkness and storm as a punishment for those who have lived their lives in debauchery
▪ Fragrance: Lime lilac is a reflection of your most secret desires.

lll - Cerber (Caramel-iris popcorn)

It is difficult to realize me when all life is in the same key. Bite, chew, swallow, swallow - in your dull contentment.

▪ A place where gluttons and gourmets rot in the rain and hail.
▪ Fragrance Caramel-iris popcorn

lV - Plutos (Peach - lime - guava)

This is a constant flight in which you, in search of your shagreen skin, wrap your legs up to the knees. Hot flames inside, sooner or later burning your whole being to the ground.

An obsessive, reminiscent of the rattle of a trapped animal, a voice in my head repeating over and over again: "I do not agree", "give me more" not to satisfy It, because you have already booked a place here.

▪ The abode of the ever-arguing stingy and greedy spendthrifters.
▪ Fragrance: Peach - lime - guava

V - Styx (Honey sandalwood)

My trace is left firmly in you, a little reflected in the haze of empty eyes. And no matter how much you run, friend, I am in you, and I will stay with you in a place called Hell.

▪ This is an eternal fight in the swamp between the angry, where the bottom is strewn with idlers. It's a flash coming from inside
▪ This is honey sandalwood.

Vl - Fury (Fruit Tieguanyin)

It is an inexhaustible source of heresies wandering all over the world. As the need presses, he will definitely penetrate the networks. He will penetrate, fill the space with himself and howl with a smile: "Bli-i-ee" Without knowing a single one of the morals - he preaches each one.

Maybe yours?

▪ The place of eternal existence of the ghosts of false teachers in red-hot graves.
▪ Fragrance: Fruit TIEGUANYIN

Vll - Dis (Blood Cherry)

A gigantic, diabolical force begins to press from within, penetrates into the skull, squeezes the brain into a vice and knocks out all human beliefs from the flesh, replacing them with false instructions. It forces you not to believe your own eyes, forces you to a constant struggle. The fight against good and evil, white and black, your faithful and someone else's false - call it what you want.

...It is possible to win only in a genuine battle: whether that fight is with oneself or others, but if the battle begins with the dictation of a voice from the darkest part of nature, the place is already warming up.

▪ Eternally boiling, torn and languishing rapists and murderers.
▪ Fragrance: Blood Cherry

Vlll - Geryon (Lemon liqueur)

He manages to go around half the world in the morning and tarnish everything bright in people's eyes, sow doubts in their views and judgments. To break the not yet strong threads connecting the two with each other.

He is the owner of a good memory and a ringing inner emptiness.
He manages everything while a sincere person has just risen from sleep.

His name is liar.
His lies lead to disobedience of internal, human canons, and disobedience - pulls straight into the fire.

▪ The habitat of suffering deceivers and those who do not trust.
▪ Fragrance: Lemon liqueur

lX - Cocyte (Biscuit lemon)

How do you pave your way to me, what moves your flesh? Obsession to shine at the top, selfishness, weakness? Or maybe wild fear?

I would even believe that it's not about you, but about the circumstances, really. But every time your step towards it becomes more confident, persistent and sonorous. You're proudly walking over heads indiscriminately…

Maybe it's time to stop? Before it's too late..

▪ The habitat of traitors frozen in ice up to their necks.
▪ Fragrance: BISCUIT lemon