The concept is based on the world-famous work of Dante Alighieri "The Divine comedy"

The classic of world literature, which turned 700 years old this year, and it is still relevant to read, and the context of this work is embodied in the paintings of world-famous artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, Paul Gustave Doret, William Blake, Salvador Dali and many others. We were inspired by the legendary painting “Map of Hell” by Sandro Botticelli, 1491:

Новая коллекция БОЖЕСТВЕННАЯ КОМЕДИЯ создана на базе сигарного бленда с фермерских плантаций юга и севера Италии, из листьев Ligero и Seco с ферментацией от трех лет.

WTO EXTRACT in collaboration with Alkonost, selected 9 worthy flavors from 4500 samples. They are a Triple Triad. A symbol of non-destructible matter. The symbol of the nine Circles of Hell. For those who like playing with fire.

The fortress is above average.

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate..

"leave hope, everyone who enters here" - the final phrase of the text above the gates of hell in the Divine Comedy