Gastronomical flavors

Maasdam cheese

Maasdam cheese – an interesting gourmet flavor for cheese lovers. Quite creamy flavor with hints of nuts of Maasdam cheese with smoky notes from Tanzania.

Green basil

Green basil – very gentle and soft aroma of green basil. With smoky tones on Tanzania, Medium strength on Caribbean blend and High strength on Nicaragua.

Beef grill

Beef grill – a flavor of grilled marbled beef with notes of smoky Tanzania.

Sun-dry tomatoes

Sun-dry tomatoes – an amazing flavor of Italian sun-dry tomatoes with smoky notes of Tanzania.

Boiled corn

Boiled corn – sweet and creamy flavor of young boiled corn which works itself out into popcorn flavor. Medium strength on Caribbean blend.

Salmon Grill

Salmon Grill – an intriguing flavor of grilled salmon with smoky tones of Tanzania.