Arsenal 12

Arsenal 56

WTO Arsenal 12 and WTO Arsenal 56 are stands created specifically for WTO tobacco, with the aim of a juicy and bright presentation of the product to guests, and also is an extremely stylish solution for the interior of your institution, store, home. This is a great opportunity to visually present your tobacco collection. It's time to get these gorgeous jars in gold design from ordinary shelves and place them in a worthy place! Suitable for 20g and 250g collection


People go to places for emotions, they want to get aesthetic pleasure, relax after a hard day..

The perfect addition to a chic evening and to the establishment is the WTO PRO AMBASSADOR 30 table tray for decorating your best golden collection of G20 flavors, which holds 30 jars of WTO.
This is a solution created specifically for our product, with the aim of a vivid presentation and increasing interest in tobacco in establishments. A rotating disk where everyone can hear the aroma of completely different tastes and choose exactly the one they want, because the choice of taste here and now decides how this evening will go! It is important to treat the process of taste selection as a game, this is roulette! While rotating, immerse yourself in the Universe of rich and juicy smells of cocktails... feel your condition now and make a choice in favor of the brightest impression!

PRO AMBASSADOR is a stylish solution for your space.