Производство и продажа люксовых сортов кальянного табака

из дорогих сигарных табачных листьев с выдержанной ферментацией более 6 лет и в 5 раз более сильными и глубокими ароматами


Especially for your experiments with WTO additives, we have launched a series of convenient ADDITIVES in the form of SAUCES of EXTRACTS without the content of the tobacco leaf itself.


Уникальный продукт для кальяна на основе дорогих сигарных табаков. Табак для кальяна производится по уникальной новой технологии — это экстрагирование вкуса и аромата сигарного листа в соус.

We made this product for ourselves and our friend

WORLD TOBACCO ORIGINAL — команда профессионалов, с 20 летним опытом работы в кальянной индустрии. Мы даем возможность попробовать и насладиться лучшими винтажными табаками со всего мира.

We are the very first company who started using vintage cigar tobacco leaves for hookah tobacco production.

We collect and use the best types of vintage tobacco from all over the world. Our company cooperates with world’s largest tobacco brands, manufactures and plantations, which are located all around the globe.

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WTO Tobacco is exactly that kind of a product which all the hookah industry was waiting for. It took over a niche which hasn’t been taken over by competitors because nobody could achieve such high quality and strength. We use WTO tobacco in our Lounge in California.

Sinyakov Artem, Saint-Petersburg CEO of «ART HOOKAH» company

WTO is that kind of a product, which turned over all my understanding of hookah tobacco. It’s a unique mix of vintage cigar leaf aroma and terrific flavors which makes it a very special product on the market. Having a bowl of «WTO Cuba» and a cup of fragrant Americano is the begging of the day!

Sasha Nuahule, Krasnodar Found of the «Nuahule Smoke» and «Nuahule Store» projects

“I should start by saying that I’m always up for diversity. There should be plenty of different types of shisha and appearance of WTO on Russian market is a big plus for hookah lovers. The price in this situation doesn’t matter since it’s a totally different hookah smoking experience.

Oleg Knyaginin, Saint-Petersburg Manager of the hookah resource «CLUB 24»

When I got my hands on the first jar of «WTO Cuba», frankly I was surprised by the packaging and the price even though the product was made from a rather difficult to attain cigar quality tobacco. After trying «WTO Cuba» I had a desire to taste other lines of WTO. Afterwards a line of flavors appeared and I found a lot of them to be quite interesting for myself. In the end: now you can smoke WTO in almost all of the «Hookah Time» lounges!

Aik Lazarjan, Moscow Owner of «Hookah Time» hookah lounges chain

What is WTO? It must be the best tobacco currently on the market. Everything is great in it, with its smoking quality, aromas and taste, mostly with my favorite «Original» line. In our hookah lounge WTO is one of the most popular tobaccos. Even though the price is high, it’s well worth it. Also it’s made in Russia! Why smoke something else if you have WTO?!

Evgenij Popov, Moscow Co-owner of «Hookah Time Oktabrjskaya» hookah lounge.