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Bloody-red and bloody-good — Sicilian Orange!
5 июля, 2018

Juicy, spicy, fresh and citrusy, now that's the right WTO flavour for this summer! Go, go, and get yourself some WTO — Sicilian orange! Best…

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Enjoying the sun with juicy flavour of — Pomelo!
4 июля, 2018

In the bright, warm sun there can't be anything better than having WTO with tropical, fresh, sweet'n'sour flavour with a delicate bitter aftertase…

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Geting into the bright sunny weather with a new fresh flavor — Cream Cookies!
3 июля, 2018

From this summer you'll be able to enjoy WTO with yummy, fresh, mothwatering flavour of Cream Cookies!

Strength: medium on Caribbean…

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Starting off this years hot summer with new flavours of WTO — Gooseberry!
2 июля, 2018

This years summer we'll be enjoying new flavors of WTO, starting off with — Gooseberry! Sweet, sour and really really juicy! Don't miss it!


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Caution! New hot novelty of "Chili"
10 марта, 2018

Warning! A hot new flavor appears — Red Hot Chili! Now available at your local retail stores! It's fresh, it's bright, it's incredibly hot…

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Fresh new taste of "African Spices"
9 марта, 2018

Now available at your local retail stores! World Tobacco Original - African Spices! Eucalyptus, menthol, nutmeg, red, white and black peppers…

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2017 year
Very soon! New taste of “BOILED CORN”
26 марта, 2018
Табак для кальяна World Tobacco Original Caribbean Blend Boiled Corn (ВТО Кариббеан Бленд Вареная Кукуруза) - если вы фанат вареной
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