About Us
About Us

World Tobacco Original is a group of high-class professionals with over 20 years experience in hookah industry.
We are the very first company who started using vintage cigar tobacco leaves for hookah tobacco production. We provide and option to taste and enjoy best vintage tobacco from all over the world, in a previously unknown way. We collect and use the best types of vintage tobacco from all over the world. Our company cooperates with world’s largest tobacco brands, manufactures and plantations, which are located all around the globe.

Our waterpipe tobacco is made using our own, unique technology of extraction of tobacco aroma and flavors.

For our tobacco we use cigar quality leaves such as Ligero and Seco as well as DarkFired Kentucky and legal cuban cigars.

Our Golden Line of original tastes and aromas of Cuban, Nicaraguan and Tanzanian tobacco as well as a blend from Caribbean basin won't leave anyone indifferent!
Our Flavor line will sure surprise you with very bright natural flavors of tropical fruit, berries, vintage alcohol, confectionery and our unique gastronomic line with flavors like: Maasdam cheese, Sun-dried tomatoes or Grilled Beef.

For our Flavor line production we use top pure aromas from 24 companies from all across the globe such as: England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, etc. Our flavor is the true work of art. To make a single flavor we pick numerous samples from flavor companies, test them and, depending on the results use particular ones or their parts to make a single, fully fledged flavor. It takes around 3 to 6 months to create 1 flavor, but you can see how real it turns out for yourself.

World Tobacco Original provides you to try tobacco which you will never try without us!

“Smoke less, but better and longer - make a cult of it, even a philosophy!”
Zino Davidoff
We made this product for ourselves and our friend WORLD TOBACCO ORIGINAL
Our story.

The founders of the company have 20 years of experience in the hookah industry.

It started in the year 2000. We started Kalyan Han company, which was outsourcing hookah related services and education programs on waterpipes to over 300 restaurants and clubs across Russia. Our company was top of it's game, organising premium hookah events which sometimes exceeded 1500m2 in working space.

In 2007 we started the very first Russian East-themed hookah festival - Kalyan Fest. Main topics of the fest were waterpipes and eastern culture. That type of hookah events where the first and there was over 3000 visitors attending.

Also in that year we started crafting unique waterpipes. As of today our collection consists of over 150 unique waterpipes, crafted individually for all kind of themes.

To this day we regularly attend in round tables of the Federation Council and the State Duma concerning waterpipe and vape laws and regulations.

Our tasting hall